Staff Training

Staff Training

 If your Management Team or Key Personnel require awareness training on the UK Telecommunications Market, why not ask about how we can support you? Enarpee Services have been providing staff training to all sizes of businesses including sales, marketing and customer care teams.

Areas Covered

  • Regulations concerning Consent to Charge and Consent to Market
  • Data Privacy, Protection & EU GDPR Regulations
  • ASA, CAP, BCAP & PSA Code of Practice Regulations

Our Approach

We provide an informal, light-hearted and relaxed approach to training with emphasis on interaction. It is important for teams and personnel to be engaged and retain interest in what could by some, be considered a boring subject. We also create incentives throughout the training schedule with an individual or team quiz with prizes awarded.

This kind of approach to training provides a valuable insight for businesses to identify potential skills or knowledge gaps, allowing for a more targeted approach in ensuring all team members are up to speed and share the same required skill levels. It also demonstrates to employees, a commitment from their employers towards personal growth and job education and market awareness.

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Staff Training

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