Refunds Management

Refunds Management

If you do not want the hassle of arranging refunds to consumers then let us take this administrative task off you. We already provide this service for a number of UK based and non-UK companies who have a requirement to issue refunds on a regular basis. We have staff who are very experienced in this field and manage the process very closely on all bases. We work with you to ensure the process is perfect to your needs and we will help evaluate your process from start to finish. We take the stress and hassle from you so you don’t have to worry and can relax.

How it works

The good news is it works to suit your needs.

The standard process is:

  • That you send us a list of customers requiring a refund then sit back and relax.
  • Our tried and tested method is to send the customer a cheque within a short time scale agreed by you.
  • Additional option for us to send an SMS to each customer not only informing them that their refund has been accepted but also another one when is has been dispatched.
  • Fully auditable and will fully comply with the new GDPR Regulations.


Our experienced team will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have and we are always free to discuss indepth ideas. Nothing is too much to ask from our team.

Refunds Management

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